Margaret Winter Interiors Living Room

What Can an Interior Designer Do for You?

In today’s world, we can’t afford to waste our money and time on meaningless and non-functional design. Having earned a Master’s of Science in Interior Design, I am qualified to work in a variety of spaces, considering details that are integral to both usability and aesthetics.



“Why should some linen draperies be lined and not others? There are so many light bulbs to choose from; which one do I need?! What makes an eight-way hand tied sofa better than the one I saw in my catalogue mailer?” It’s my job as a designer to educate and explain my reasoning throughout the design process. If it’s a topic I’m not familiar with, I have industry connections to the experts that do.


“I love this fabric, but will it look good upholstered on my dining chairs? How does the bedroom set I inherited from my grandmother work with my love of modern art?” I translate your design conundrums and desires into a cohesive vision.


“Oh no! My floor hasn’t been stained yet and my stair runner is set to be installed next week!” I communicate directly with the skilled trades to make sure your job is properly coordinated.


“My builder is pressuring me to go with stock trim, and I had my heart set on something I saw on Pinterest.” I’m on your side! Guess who will take the time to set you up with a skilled, finish carpenter who can make you that swoon-worthy trim?! I’m your biggest design advocate and have your interests at the forefront!


“I can’t envision it; will it all look good together?” That’s why you hired me! The artistry of the job involves putting it all together in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Getting Started

If you’d like to create a beautiful design while maximizing functionality, set up an initial consultation appointment. This meeting will jump-start the design process, giving me an opportunity to see how your space is used and what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create. What works about the space? What could be improved upon? 


If you are considering new construction or a renovation, do not wait to contact me! The earlier I can be involved in the process, the better the outcome will be. So many people wait to hire an interior designer until it is too late to change crucial design decisions. New builds and renovations are big investments of your time and money – take care to hire an interior designer early in the process to avoid regrets later.

Design Process

Once in your home, I will take inventory of existing elements, and we will discuss your needs and desires – what works well and what doesn’t? I may take measurements and pictures. If desired, I will be by your side from our initial meeting through to the final selections and installation. Designing a functional, meaningful, and attractive home takes time and talent. I would love to help you through the process. 

Margaret Winter