Great Interior Design Should

Take Time

Great, timeless design doesn’t happen overnight. If you truly want your home to authentically reflect you, your design aesthetic will develop over time as you move through different stages of life, acquiring high quality and treasured pieces throughout the years.

Consider the Environment

Re-using existing pieces contributes to sustainable design. It is usually not necessary to buy all new. Instead, I will integrate your existing items with new elements and minimize the environmental impact. I also source high quality furniture that is made to last, rather than poorly made items that are built to end up in a landfill after a few years.

Be functional

This sounds simple, but it’s actually quite intricate. For practicality, mobility and ergonomics, dimensions are an Interior Designer’s best friend. Make sure your designer takes anthropometrics, room dimensions, and existing furniture dimensions into account when designing your space. Read more about my experience in functionality and Universal Design on my The Designer page.

Make you happy!

Of course this is a top priority! But it’s easy to get wrapped up in making your space look like the next show house. Make sure your designer incorporates your valued items into the design. If that special item makes you happy to see it every day, why box it up and replace it with the latest and greatest trend accessory? Do not sacrifice yourself for beautiful home design – both are possible, and you are worth it!

“Decorating isn’t an instant pastime or a quick fix,
you need to go out and search for things you really love
and fill your home with objects that have meaning to you.”


Nate Berkus, Designer