How To Find Your Style

Contrary to what today’s media might suggest, most endeavors in life don’t blossom overnight.   Most relationships take time to develop, and most successful businesses aren’t out-of-the-gate success stories.  Think of the evolution of your home and your design aesthetic in the same way.

In the break-neck fast way that we live our lives, we are bombarded with fairytale images and warnings like; “act fast!” and “don’t miss out!”  It makes sense that the lines in Home Goods are long and the Pinterest boards are full of the latest design trends.

Here’s something to chew on: if gray and white farmhouses weren’t all over your feed, catalogue mailers, and houseware stores, would it still be your favorite look? 

We went for a gray and white farmhouse vibe in my client’s living room, and it makes the local artwork and colorful accessories pop.

I don’t have anything against gray and white farmhouses; there are a lot of beautiful farmhouses out there.  I simply want to challenge you to dig deep and think about what you truly love.  What brings you joy?  Am I trying to Marie Kondo you?  Maybe a little, but I think she’s onto something.

Is it that antique chest from your grandma?  Or maybe it’s that painting you saw at an art fair but couldn’t justify purchasing because you couldn’t see how it would fit into your home.  Our gut reaction to the beauty that surrounds us is unique to each of us.  Your singular perspective on the aesthetic is something worth cherishing and developing.

Another client who isn’t afraid to be herself…and I love it!

So I dare you to think with your heart sometimes.  Buy that painting.  Accumulate those treasures.  Sure, some of those purchases may cost more than a trip to Home Goods (and maybe some are from Home Goods, and that’s ok too!), but if you resist the pull of “fast fashion,” you’ll skip repeated purchases and end up with objects that make you happy long term, regardless of the passing trends. 

Beautiful handcrafted pieces like these add personal and timeless quality to a home. Bowls: Katie Bramlage.  Chargers/cutting boards: Long White Beard Furniture

Then, when you’re ready to put it all together, give me a call.  Or if that all seems too overwhelming, give me a call now.  I can point you in the direction of many talented artists.  Just remember, the final decision is yours alone.  I will enhance your most cherished possessions by layering in quality furniture and furnishings and bringing cohesive beauty to your curated style.

Quality over quantity.  Intention over mindlessness.  Passion over complacency.  Individuality over insecurity.

You can do it.  I believe in you.  Now trust yourself.

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