About The Designer

I fell into interior design in a pretty unique way! After earning degrees in Psychology and Organizational Studies, I worked in dementia care as a programming specialist. I worked in several facilities and had the opportunity to observe and experience how the environment directly impacts people with dementia. Details that we wouldn’t consider in most of everyday life, such as patterns on the floor, become very important for someone with deteriorating mental capacity. I was fascinated!

I went back to graduate school to earn a degree in Interior Design, and the rest is history! I have experience with ADA standards and Universal Design which many people don’t realize can be applied to residential design. After earning my Master’s Degree, I worked for another firm doing high-end residential interior design for several years, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience that I apply in my own interior design business today.

What made you want to be an Interior Designer? 

Love of the aesthetic runs in my family.  Both my dad and mom’s sisters are talented artists, and had my grandmother had the opportunity to attend college, she always said she would have studied architecture.


Walking into a beautiful space has always energized and inspired me.  The artist in me wants to create that experience, and the social worker in me wants to share it with others.


Interior Design was not my first career. I worked in dementia care and still have a passion for that, as well as hospice and palliative care.  I have always had an interest in interiors, but while I was working in several memory care facilities, I could really see how profoundly we are affected by the spaces in which we live.

What inspires you as a designer

· Fabrics and textiles

· My client’s personal stories, possessions, and lifestyle

· History, traditions, and culture of places around the world

· The neighborhood and locale where I’m working

· The architecture of the home

· Elements in nature: natural building materials, lighting, and patterns

· Travel

Margaret Winter Interiors:

· Celebrates and employs skilled craftsmen and women

· Supports local talent

· Considers the surrounding environment & environmental footprint

· Recognizes quality over quantity

· Employs functionality

· Prioritizes the client

· Elevates the client’s treasured possessions

· Respects the design process

· Has years of experience working in high-end residential design

I love art, but interior design brings the fourth dimension of time into the three-dimensional space.  Interior design is an interactive experience – both personal and practical.  I want the client to have a positive personal experience spending time in their home; I want the client to enjoy the artistry while being able to function well within the space.